Our Favorite Products for Helping Dogs with Aggression!

Michael Shikashio CDBC


April 10, 2024

Here are some great products for 2024 that we recommend!

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Muzzles are often a necessary part of the safety tools we may use with dogs who have a history of aggressive behavior. They can often prevent biting, which is crucial to avoid the many ramifications that can occur when a dog bites.

Just some of the outcomes that can happen:

  • Liability (the average dog bite lawsuit is now more than $60,000)
  • Mandatory quarantine for your dog
  • Loss of homeowner’s insurance
  • Stipulations from animal control that may include muzzling and being on-leash at all times while in public and may even include orders for euthanasia


A muzzle can often avoid these catastrophic outcomes….and they are much cheaper than the average dog bite lawsuit!


What we love about the Trust Your Dog muzzle brand:

  • They are fully customizable, ensuring the best fit for your dog’s unique head and snout shape.
  • They can be made in a variety of attractive colors, which can help with the ‘stigma’ of ‘looking like Hannibal Lecter.’
  • They offer a vinyl option for cases where there is a more significant bite history. The biothane version is best for ‘low bite level’ cases.



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Speaking of muzzles, sometimes it can be difficult to feed treats through the front of them. The Bark Pouch is the perfect solution for ‘treating through muzzles’ as well as wonderful for many other strategies used for working with dogs who have a history of aggression.

Why would we want to use a lickable treat?

  • They are fantastic for when we need ‘duration distraction’ to guide a dog through a location we may be unable to avoid. Moving through a veterinary office; taking an elevator ride; or walking in a tight city environment are just a few examples!
  • They are perfect for when we need to ‘keep a dog’s head pointed in a certain direction’ to avoid seeing a provocative stimulus (AKA trigger).
  • They are excellent to keep your fingers intact when working with a ‘hard mouthed dog.’ Sometimes dogs can ‘chomp down’ on treats in your fingers very quickly and the Bark Pouch keeps your digits out of the way!
  • They make feeding through a muzzle much easier than feeding with a ‘standard’ treat.



What we love about the Bark Pouch:

  • They are made by a small company in Columbus, OH using only high-quality, limited ingredients. There’s no junk food in these pouches!
  • They offer a variety of flavors which dogs absolutely love! I tested them with my own dog, Castana, and she couldn’t get enough. Even our cat joined in on the beef & liverwurst combo!
  • They use a six-step sterilization process to ensure only the safest production process.
  • They are super easy to carry, are a great alternative to the messiness of a plastic baggie full of cheese and hot dogs, and do not have to be refrigerated until after opening.


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Here’s a little video of Castana enjoying a few different Bark Pouches!





We frequently talk about enrichment and satisfying your dog’s needs to avoid behavior problems, such as aggression. Enrichment can give dogs a creative outlet for physical exercise and mental stimulation, which are essential to prevent behavior issues. Mind Game of the Month is a monthly subscription box chock full of enrichment items so your dog never gets bored!



What we love about Mind Game of the Month:

  • They do all the work and ship you a box full of different treats, toys, and other enrichment activities every month!
  • The enrichment items are designed to engage dogs in the activities of ‘sniff, play, and chew’ — all essential aspects of natural animal behavior.
  • They donate a portion of their proceeds to Homeward Pet Adoption Center. A win-win for dogs (and cats) everywhere!


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