The Great Big Dog Aggression Workshop Part II: Meds, Moods, and Modification

Asheville, NC
09:00 AM
05:00 PM
Price: $

With Dr. Chris Pachel DACVB, CABC & Michael Shikashio CDBC

September 10th and 11th, 2022
Asheville, NC

This workshop will NOT be recorded.



Great Big Feelings: Understanding the Emotions Influencing Dog Aggression
Dr. Chris Pachel

Fear, anxiety, stress, frustration, anger…emotional responses are often mentioned as underlying causes of behavior problems, but what’s the connection between them? This session will unpack a few of the more commonly mentioned emotions that our canines may experience and take a closer look at how those emotions influence the behavior patterns that we can see on the surface.


Ready, Set, Emotion!
Michael Shikashio CDBC

Mike will continue to build on the emotions that influence dog aggression, what they look like, and why they matter. This session will include videos of dogs displaying body language and behavior that is indicative of certain underlying emotions, and what we can do as practitioners to help our clients and their dogs in aggression cases.


Under the hood: Medical Factors Influencing Aggression Cases
Dr. Chris Pachel

This session will take an “under the hood” look at multiple scenarios in which medical factors had a significant impact on the behavior patterns of the dog. This session will also demonstrate how addressing those medical factors through veterinary collaboration affected the outcome of these specific cases and allowed for more successful implementation of behavior modification strategies.


You Hurt My Feelings!
Michael Shikashio CDBC

Intra-household dog to dog aggression – why emotions impact these cases and what to do for successful outcomes. Mike will highlight cases he has worked with where underlying emotions played a significant role in the behavior change strategies, for both the dogs and their people!


Being a Second Set of Eyes
Michael Shikashio CDBC

Recognizing patterns in behavior and collaborating effectively with veterinarians in aggression cases can be crucial for happy outcomes for all involved. Mike will detail the techniques and strategies he incorporates to help clients track progress, create efficient lines of communication with veterinary professionals, and build a lasting and impactful team approach.

Medication Use for Aggression Cases: Applications and Considerations
Dr. Chris Pachel

Do we use medication as a treatment for aggression? Yes. Well … sort of. Wait, what? As it turns out, the answer isn’t quite that straightforward, but there are a few guiding principles to inform that decision and the process for prescribing. This presentation will look at case factors that suggest an opportunity for incorporating medication into the plan, and how each individual (owner, trainer/consultant, veterinarian) can work together to achieve a positive outcome for the benefit of the animal.

On the Right Track: Successful Collaboration Strategies for Monitoring Medication Use in Behavior Cases
Dr. Chris Pachel

Trainers and behavior consultants have tons of opportunities for hands-on work with dogs and are uniquely qualified to make behavioral observations within training sessions. That information is worth its weight in gold to the veterinarian making adjustments to the behavioral medication plan! This session will highlight which observations are most helpful and how to structure them in a way that is meaningful to the veterinary team.

The Good, The Bad, and The Growly
Michael Shikashio CDBC

Complex aggression cases with complex emotions. Mike will showcase some of his most difficult cases and will unpack useful strategies to sift through even the most complicated scenarios!