April 20, 2024 - April 21, 2024    
12:00 am

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De Schildkamp
Leerdamseweg 44, 4147 BM Asperen

Behavior change strategies in aggression case

  • Dog to Human Aggression Cases: Behavior Change in Action
  • Continue: Sleeping with the Enemy – Dog Aggression Directed at Someone You Love

Dog to dog aggression

  • How to Safely Break up a Dog Fight
  • Intra-Household Dog to Dog Aggression
  • “No! That’s MY Owner!” Helping Dogs That Fight Over Their Owner

Safety and defensive handling

  • Avoiding the Bitey End of the Dog – Defensive Handling and Leash Skills
  • Staying Safe in Aggression Cases
  • When SECs Happen. Proactive Handling for Sudden Environmental Contrasts

Consulting skills and working with humans in aggression cases

  • Client Consulting – Navigating Difficult Conversations, Improving Client Commitment, and Fostering Success
  • History Taking and What Really Matters
  • Prognosis and Realistic Goal Setting in aggression Cases